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In 1999, Steve Kim was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Spinal Stenosis.  What this meant was that he had severe conditions in both his stomach and back.  This caused him much grief for 2-3 years as he suffered from agonizing stomach and back pain.  Doctors recommended that he get surgery for both conditions.  For colitis, they recommended cutting out his colon and using part of his intestine.  If this failed, he would have to use a colostomy bag.  For his back, doctors recommended cutting out sections of his canal to make room for his disks.  If this surgery failed, he would have to have his spine fused, causing more complications in the future along with little flexibility and movement.

Steve did not want to go through the surgery route.  That was when he began studying other types of medicine.  He studied Eastern medicine, which is more holistic in nature.  In doing so, his diet greatly improved.

He also studied psychology and the effects of stress on the body.  While listening to Howard Stern, he learned about a book called “The Mind Body Connection” by Dr. John Sarno.  This book enlightened him and taught him how powerful our subconscious is in causing pain symptoms in the body.

In conclusion, Steve learned how to be healthy and avoid surgery and by 2003, he had beaten both conditions.

He has since danced for six shows, including Chippendales in Las Vegas.  He also is an actor and fitness model.  He’s starred in several national commercials, including Vegas.com, LasVegas.com, and Adidas.  He guest starred in the soap opera Passions.  He also competed in six fitness contest from 2005 – 2013.  His greatest fitness achievement came in 2012 when he won the Jay Cutler Classic.



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