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Good Morning!

Quick, right after you wake up, do this: 20 burpees 20 jumping jacks 20 hindu/dive bombers 20 situps REST 1 minute 20 jumping jacks (arms to the side) 20 push-ups 20 hindu/dive bombers 20 bicycle crunches REST 1 min REPEAT THE ABOVE

Shred Down Workout

When performing the Shred Down Workout, be sure to maintain a fast tempo (1 to 2 seconds on concentric and eccentric).  Of course, don’t bounce, go slow on the peak and bottom.  You should be going about 80% of max for 15 reps.  First set is lighter to warm up (about 60%).  Last four sets are at 80%.  Rest in between sets depends on your level of cardio.  I maintain a good temperature and heart beat (if I feel like my body is cooling down, I’ll simply job in pace to keep up my heart rate).  Shred Down workout shares similar qualities to a circuit set.  Rest in between sets should be kept as short as possible (15-30 seconds) and there should be no lag between exercises.





Day 1

Barbell Curl



Arms, Abs,

Hammer Curl




Lying Triceps Skullcrusher




Seated Overhead DB Extension




Hanging Leg Raise




Standing Calf Raise




TMC’s New Customized HIT Split Workout: Days 1, 2, 4 and 5

Here is the program brought to you by Jay and Anh of  (Please visit their website for the full article!):

Day 1-Chest-Triceps-Quads-Calves


  • Machine Decline Press-2 Warm up Sets and 1 Set to Failure with Final Rep Maximum Fiber Contraction with 10 sec eccentric
  • Nautilus Pec Fly-60 Second Static Hold with 75% of 1 Rep Max and then reduce weight by 15% for one set to positive failure
  • Incline Hammer Press-1 set of 10 second concentric with 10 second eccentric until failure.  Usually start at 50% of max and progress upward. (THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART)


  • Cable Triceps Pushdown-1 Warm up set and 1 Set to Failure utilizing 1 and 1/4 reps
  • Cable Rope Overhead Extension-1 Set to Failure with 15 Second Squeeze and Hold at peak of concentric on last rep
  • Seated Dip Machine-1 Warm up set and 1 Set to Failure with 10 Second Rest Pause Interval and 3-5 more reps to failure


Reverse Hyperextensions with Mel Fabros

by Mel Fabros Mel demonstrates his unique equipment for reverse hyperextensions. Exercise: Reverse Hyperextension Machine Category: Supplemental Muscles targeted: Glutes, lower back, and hamstrings This exercise is regarded by many strength coaches as being the best lower back, hamstring, and glute exercise. This is because it allows you to train all these muscles in unison….