• Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) common?It is extremely common, afflicting an estimated 30 million men in the U.Sand over 3 million men in Canada. About half of all men aged 40 – 70 haveerectile dysfunction
  • Is Erectile Dysfunction preventable?
    In some instances it is preventable. The following have been shown todecrease the occurrence of ED:

    • Reducing stress
    • Healthy diet and lifestyle
    • Stopping cigarette smoking and alcohol intake
    • Controlling your medical problems such as diabetes and hypertension
  • How is ED Diagnosed?
    Your medical provider will perform a comprehensive history and physical. EDcan be a gradual process and it may take months to years for you to developsymptoms such as loss of firmness in the erection. The information youprovide will help determine the degree of ED. Also, additional tests mayperformed such as blood work and an ultrasound.
  • Is there a cure for ED?

    Although no specific cure exists, the treatment available at NuMale MedicalCenter can be a cure. Specifically, our medication therapy can cure 30 -40% of men who use it for up to or over 1 year.

  • Is there one best treatment for ED? Many treatments exist for ED. At NuMale Medical Center we offer the mosteffective treatment available on the market today which is our medicationtherapy. It is has the highest success rate and considered the goldstandard treatment option.
  • What kind of treatment is there for low libido? For some patients, hormone replacement therapy is needed to help treat a lowsex drive.
  • When taking the medication, will I still have an erection after I ejaculate? With our medication therapy most men maintain an erection, even afterejaculation. With oral medication you will generally lose your erectionafter you ejaculate and you may have an easier time getting a seconderection, should you want it.
  • How do medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work? What are possible side effects? Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all part of a class of medications calledPDE5 inhibitors. Essentially these drugs help increase blood flow to thepenis to produce longer lasting, firmer erections. Sexual stimulation isrequired for these medications to work. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra havesimilar common side effect profiles with some differences. They includeheadache, facial flushing, upset stomach, vision changes, and drop in bloodpressure to name a few. Some men don´t experience any side effects. Ifthe doctors at NuMale determine these medications are safe for you, the onlyway to really know which treatment will produce the least side effects is totry it.
  • Do you offer Viagra, Cialis or Levitra? Which one is best? The doctors at NuMale Medical Center can prescribe any of these medicationswhen appropriate. Our doctors are very experienced and can tell you inadvance if these medications are safe for you to take and which brand mightbe most suitable for your individual case. Once prescribed, you should trya medication several times on different occasions before determining whetheror not it is working well. If you do not have success, you should consultwith the doctor again. At NuMale Medical Center, patients go through adetailed medical examination and the doctor will help you determine whichtreatment option is best for you.
  • I get headaches and/or have heart problems, can I still take Viagra? Viagra or other similar drugs may be taken even if you get headaches or haveheart problems. This needs to be verified by an experienced physician andexamined on a case by case basis. However, if you have angina or are takingany kind of nitro-derivatives it is not recommended that Viagra be used. IfViagra is not appropriate for you, there are several other effective optionsavailable.
  • Are your doctors specialists? The doctors at the NuMale Medical Center have extensive knowledge andspecial training in the area of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculationand other sexual difficulties. They focus exclusively in treating sexualdifficulties in men. They understand your anxieties and have the knowledgeto offer effective solutions to each individual´s situation.
  • Is diabetes a cause of erectile dysfunction? Diabetes is one of the most common medical disorders associated with ED. Itis estimated that 35 – 60% of men with diabetes have ED. The vascular andneuralgic complications associated with the natural history of diabetes arethought to be the main causes of ED in men with diabetes.
  • Do you treat people with diabetes? The NuMale Medical Center successfully treats many men who have ED as aresult of diabetes.
  • Does cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption or drug use contribute toerectile dysfunction? In excessive amounts cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use canall lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Will the use of prescription medication lead to erection problems? As a side effect, some prescription medications can lead to erectionproblems. Check with your physician if you are concerned about a medicationyou are taking.
  • Can I be on more than one treatment at any given time? Yes, it is possible to be on more than one treatment at any given time.Also, it is possible for a patient to use our medication therapy inconjunction with other oral medication as long as they ARE NOT used at thesame time. It is important to follow the doctor´s directions.
  • I have just had prostate cancer surgery. Will I be able to function again? You definitely have the potential to resume full sexual function. It maytake some time before you know whether or not the surgery affected yoursexual functioning but don´t wait to discuss this with a doctor at NuMaleMedical Center. If you discover that you have erectile dysfunction as aresult of prostate surgery, successful treatment to help you achieve strongerections is certainly possible. Other things to consider before youundergo prostate cancer surgery are: the type of surgery you are offered(there are nerve sparing techniques available) and the experience of yoursurgeon. At NuMale Medical Center, we have had great success with patientswho are experiencing ED after prostate cancer surgery.
  • When should I see a doctor about erectile dysfunction or prematureejaculation? You should see a doctor about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculationas soon as it begins to bother you or cause problems in your love life.There are ways to treat and maybe even cure these conditions.
  • What type of doctor should I see? Can I go to my primary care doctor? At NuMale Medical Center we encourage you to discuss your ED issues withyour physician. We understand that many primary care doctors are very busyand may not have an adequate amount of time during your appointment toproperly address these issues. We understand that you may be uncomfortabletalking to your primary care doctor about your sexual health. Otherspecialists may be sought such as Urologists to help you with your issues.Often long wait times may deter you from seeking the medical attention youdeserve. When talking to a physician about your most personal healthconcerns, you should not feel rushed. You should feel that your health careprofessional is taking the time to understand your problem, is askingquestions, and also educating you about your sexual health.

    At the NuMale Medical Center, our doctors have been specifically trained inthe treatment of erectile dysfunction and have the knowledge and experienceto determine the best possible solution for your specific condition. Ourdoctors see many patients just like you, every single day, and understandthe fear and frustration you may be experiencing. We have a dedicated andcompassionate staff that will make you feel comfortable from the moment youstep in our center. At the NuMale Medical Center, your privacy andconfidentiality is extremely important to us. There is no waiting room andwill be directly shown to a private room when you arrive. We spend aconsiderable amount of time with you (usually about 2 hours on your firstvisit) so you will have a chance to ask all of your questions withoutfeeling rushed. Our goal is to make you comfortable and take the time todiscuss your issues.

  • Even though I have problems with erectile dysfunction, I always wake up inthe morning with an erection. What does this mean?
    Waking up with an erection in the morning, when you have difficultyachieving an erection at other times of the day, can indicate that there maybe a psychological problem interfering with your ability to get or maintainan erection and this may be directly related to excessive amounts ofadrenaline in the blood stream. Do not let your problem persist.
  • Is my partner or spouse welcome to the appointment? Yes! In fact we encourage you to bring your partner if you are comfortablewith them attending the consultation.
  • Am I too old to benefit from today´s treatments for erectile dysfunction? You are NOT too old to benefit from one or all of the treatments available.

    Here at NuMale Medical Center we have successfully treated patients in their90?s! If you can walk up one flight of stairs without exhaustion, you areprobably healthy enough to participate in sexual activity. You are only asold as you feel! Your overall physical health should be examined and thedoctor can confirm for you whether or not you should consider usingtreatment.

  • I´ve read that erectile dysfunction is often just, “in the mind.” Is thattrue? Not usually. Most often erectile dysfunction is caused by physical ratherthan psychological reasons. However, physical impotence can often becompounded by psychological factors.
  • I´m interested in seeking treatment. What´s my next step? There are many options available for treating erectile dysfunction. Alwaysmake the decision with proper medical help. The doctors at NuMale MedicalCenter are highly trained and offer a range of treatments. Privacy anddiscretion are assured and patients are made to feel entirely at ease. Infact, every patient is afforded the privacy of his own room. A completeindividual assessment is performed and a full clinical diagnosis made,before a course of treatment is recommended. Call or book your appointmentonline today.
  • Are the services at NuMale Medical Center covered by health insurance? As a concierge medicine center, we do not accept insurance. Nonetheless, wecan provide you with a medical bill and a copy of your clinical record(including diagnosis codes required by insurance). You may use this tosubmit to your insurance company. Depending on your insurance company youmay or may not receive some form of reimbursement (partial or full). Pleasedon´t hesitate to contact the NuMale Medical Center with any questions youmay have.
  • What is the NuMale Medical Center? NuMale Medical Center was created to help treat the most personal of men´shealth problems. Our revolutionary treatments have enabled experiencedmedical doctors focusing specifically in the area of erectile dysfunction tooffer a success rate of over 90% to patients who have come to our clinics.Here at NuMale Medical Center, we understand the anxiety associated witherectile dysfunction, and the courage required to present oneself fortreatment. Accordingly, each patient is managed with the strictest codesof confidentiality and professionalism. In fact, every patient is affordedthe privacy of his own room in an effort to ensure that his visit to ourclinic remains completely confidential.