Hair Restoration


NuMale Medical Center is proud to offer the first NeoGraft Hair Transplant System in Wisconsin! The NeoGraft is a “state of the art” solution for hair loss and is the first minimally invasive automatic hair transplant system. It is the first FDA approved automated hair transplant device utilizing the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. What is FUE? FUE is a process in which hair follicles are removed individually or in small clusters from the back of the head. Under this minimally invasive method there is little danger of scarring, bleeding, or nerve damage. Unlike the older STRIP method, the NeoGraft leaves no large linear scar on the head. Because of this, the procedure is ideal for a man who wishes to wear his hair short. Overall, the NeoGraft offers several advantages over traditional hair transplant methods:

Advantages of NeoGraft

  • No scalpel incision, no sutures/staples, no linear scar
  • Large areas in a single session (up to 2000 grafts in one day)
  • Fastest recovery time “next day”, of any surgical option
  • Consistent, high quality grafts for improved outcomes
  • Reduces the need for additional procedures
  • Reduces overall costs of manual FUE procedures

The “minimally invasive” NeoGraft Automated (FUE) and Implantation Hair Restoration procedure is quickly becoming the new “Gold Standard” for hair transplant procedures.